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I'M BACK. for real this time. i hope.

Today is the fourth of July.

I now have a new laptop, and have realized WHY I was not yet painting in this new (not) house. The room I set aside as a studio room did not turn out to be as well lit as I thought it was. There is another room in the house which is though, and I had to do A LOT of rearranging in order to make it my studio. So, even though I haven't posted I have been painting, and it's been good.

The other problem was that the computer was in a part of the house that I DON'T GO TO. So that, of course, made posting impossible. Probably the biggest problem though, was that the move from New Jersey was an incredibly emotionally draining one. I was depressed, and missing so many things about my old house, and the Jersey shore. While I still miss those things, I'm realizing that this is just another time of growing and stretching and letting go of things that, in the long run, just don't matter. What does matter is LOVE. Relationships, and mostly...growing closer to God every day. So, even though this has been hard, I know that difficulty and struggle is what helps us (like the butterfly) change and emerge.

Speaking of butterflies, I've just painted a canvas panel in a style which I do like, but rarely paint, kind of outsider and abstract. It changed from what I originally intended it to be into something darkish because I was painting during a thunderstorm, just under a skylight. It was intense and beautiful. (I love storms). The butterfly seemed to be bowing ''to The Lord of the storm''. Anyway, I ended up turning the painting and changing it completely. I'm not happy that I did that, but I did.

As I was just looking over my old posts, I realize that most of what is posted is no longer available, so please don't push any ''buy it now'' buttons without emailing me first. I'll get to removing those paypal buttons, ............ soon.