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Nov 9

haven't posted because i've been DISTRACTED.

trying to reel myself back in, remembering why i started this blog almost 2 yrs ago.

uh oh. my darling son just came home and i must go feed him. garlic shrimp and fettuccine Alfredo.
I LOVE MY KIDS and i'm a great cook.

i'm back.

i try to post each day for two reasons..........
1. my tags will come up in searches on closer pages the more often i update my blog.

2. the reason i began this blog and trying to post each day was because of the daily painters movement. i knew that by belonging to this group of painters i would develop a discipline that i wanted and needed. it's been so beneficial on so many levels......... as was the testimony of the painters who encouraged me to begin this in the first place.

it would be good if i could encourage another artist reading this now.

i haven't painted the past couple of days because of a rather large delivery and i had to tie up lots of lose ends first and i can now continue on with my movie quote collages. next is ''City of Angels'', the quote from the character Seth (Nicholas Cage) to Maggie (Meg Ryan) : ''when they ask me what i liked best, i'll say it was you.''

ok for tonight.