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Calla Lily original oil painting

hurricane with no rain......

that's what the weather was like while at the shore, so once i got there i only went out a few times and there was NO picture taking. i could hardly see through all the flying hair. it was crazy.

here's the story with this 5 ft. painting......... last summer i painted this for someone who needed something 'large' . i very much enjoy painting large, but found out the person was going to cut it down ! i suppose i am way too attached to my paintings, because i was not going to hand it over and let it be altered in any way. money is never a motivator for me, and definitely not with my art. so i took it back and took it to the shore with me to give to my son for his dorm room. that didn't go over very well, so ..... long story short i went to visit someone and there was my painting, looking very beautiful on their wall, and aside from what was lost when it was stretched.....it was as it was supposed to be.