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Plymouth Rock...........very cool

LOVED that trip. i LOVE places chocked full with history, and you don't get better than this in America. It was actually in Dec when they arrived, I can't imagine how they stayed warm. brrr it was cold there today, even my wool beret didn't keep out the cold, but flat Stanley was an excellent 'model'.

As far as inspiration for a painting, it's so incredibly funny how (for me at least) inspiration always seems to come from the strangest places, rarely where you would expect.........like this trip, as fantastic as Plymouth was, there was nothing that inspired me to do a painting. Maybe on some level I knew it would not happen because on the way I saw my inspiration on the highway. A huge flatbed truck filled with colorful lobster traps........yellow, green, and orange. I felt that 'hit' of desire to record what I was seeing in paint with whatever interpretation would come at the time. and that was that.

Anyway here's some pics