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The new fur baby, almost 2 lbs. .....meet Petunia

We were in attendance ........ this was so moving


The last time we went to the opera, we were a few min late and they would not let us in until the second act........... once again we were barely making it and decided to jump into a cab to make sure we wouldn't be kept out of the first act again.......... I'm so incredibly glad we did that and got to share in this along with every other singer and attendee. 

20 x 24 Abstracts

24 x 24 palette knife abstracts
As you know from all of my Tree of Life paintings, inspired by Gustav Klimt, he is one of my favs. The Museum of Fine Arts of Boston, for the first time ever in it's history, has one of his paintings. I believe this one to be so important because it was his last, and unfinished. Titled ''Adam and Eve'' , you can see where the apple in her hand would have been, and the entire area of the other hand only in the under painted stage. The museum does allow taking photographs, just no flash, and here is my photograph. http://www.mfa.org/

Aerosmith Drummer to Debut First Joey Kramer’s Rockin’ & Roastin’ CafĂ©
( Aerosmith Drummer )Joey Kramer announces first coffeehouse in N. Attleborough, MA 

I'M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!! 

This is a more realistic version of the jungle animals nursery set posted just below. I have not offered the originals yet, but do sell prints.

Mad Hatter WIP

Since 'we' are 'all' mad here.........and I love whimsey and bold color, ( and Johnny Depp) I started this.
Not sure what I"m going to do with the face yet........

Tree of Life curly tree 24 x 36 M.Delpino

SOLD )Time for another Tree of Life, I lost count, so there's no roman numeral following. 24 x 36 WIP

I wasn't surprised to read that curvy lines are female energy, and straight lines are male energy.
Lately I've been adding text to my prints, and just found a quote that I thought went well with this print of my oil painting.The painting smeared, but I liked it and thought of this quote to add to it.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace -Jimi Hendrix