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Speaking of Honey Bees.....

Cosmic Reality Shungite

I'm not sure how I discovered this, but I'm grateful that I did..... check them  out on you tube. The pics I posted were lillies from before Easter with 3 shungite nuggets in the water. I have not changed the water and look at the condition of the bouquet ! If you have fresh flowers in a vase you know that you can't go 2 wks without changing the water, not even really 2 days. This is what shungite does to water. I also bought the stickers for our phones. 

The fish tank has no filter, only 3 shungite nuggets, and it's way over a month that the water has not been changed and the fish is very happy. 

 My reference to the bees....... check out the honey bees with shungite powder. Something every bee keeper should know. I'm actually considering becoming a bee keeper myself with this new discovery of mine and the physical proof of how amazing it is.