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Happy New Year

My precious company from the past ten days has gone now, and it's time to turn the guest bed back into a horizontal surface for my oversize painting papers, foam boards, supports etc. It's time to enjoy the Christmas lights for the last time, and replace the cookie cutters with the juicer. The distractions of the beautiful Christmas season are over and I'm starting to recognize the familiar signs of that slippery slope of the January slump. If I don't fight it, I'll end up spending the entire month wondering when I'm going to start painting again, and when I'm going back to the gym.

Hopefully.............. I'll be posting a painting tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. I'm wondering if posting this to my blog will do for me what it did two years ago when I started it......accountability and establishing a routine. Self discipline is not one of my strong points.

I wish you the most wonderful new year full of love, good health, peace and God's blessings.